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Banksy the infamous, anonymous UK graffiti artist, noted for his stencil style combined with political satire and current affairs is currently enjoying vast media attention. The street artist, thought to come from Bristol has seemingly repaid his home town by staging a guerilla exhibition in the local arts museum. Aside from making the trip to the Banksy Bristol Exhibition it’s possible to buy an original Banksy print online. There is a wide choice to choose from, the artist having created well over 300 unique pieces of graffiti street art.

In June 2009 a secret operation spanning 2 days took place in Bristol’s Museum. The public thinking Bristol City’s Museum and Art gallery having being temporarily closed due to a short  film being shot within the building. Banksy had actually managed to fill the entire building with over 100 temporary installations of his own creation! For street art, Banksy generally uses stencils nowadays – thought to be due to maintaining his anonymity, these stencil works of art can be created quickly and without much fuss. The Banksy stencil itself having been created elsewhere (probably in a secret location), the graffiti artist simply using paint spray cans of various colours to create the desired art piece. His street graffiti works have been spotted predominantly in London, Bristol and Brighton. The local councils once considered his works of art to be an eyesore but have since changed their minds, now heralding him as a great, modern artist.

The enigma himself never sells his art directly himself but regularly is known to exchange hands for many £1000s of pounds through private individuals (many celebrities are fans too). Those normal individuals lucky enough to have a Banksy print stencilled onto their own property can be assured the art work over the brickwork may possibly be worth more than the building itself! For the rest of the general public however it’s possible to purchase a Banksy print from the internet ready to put up in your own home. Browse the site for Banksy prints and more.


Limited Edition Banksy Original – Virgin Mary by Banksy

This limited edition Virgin Mary by Banksy can be yours for £2350 click HERE for more information. A true collectors piece, measuring 70cm x 50cm, printed on silkscreen for the Surfers Against Sewage campaign, complete with stamping, 100% original and in mint condition. If you are a Banksy fan and have the money to invest in an authentic piece like this then this is one of the only available of it’s kind to purchase within the UK at the moment. For those who have a little less money to spend then various other gifts and merchandise are available…

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